Accompany of Processes (tasks, structures and change management) in a professional context. Individuals or groups/teams define and meet targets.

By appointments only.



Reorientation, Redesign and Restructuring


I do accompany, organizations (companies, departments …), managers and staff with the systemic approaches of supervision, coaching and organizational development.

Work can be as complicated as my last name. I can help you making things easier and more clear. That is what I have been doing successfully for many years. I am the right one for:


  • Tourism and provision of customer services (touch points)
  • Change processes (M&A)
  • Staff guidance
  • Pedagogics



(Pronunciation: R A S D I R A - K O a R I N S K I)



Master in Tourism-Management, university degree course (diploma for Supervision, Coaching and Organizational Development) at ARGE Bildungsmanagement (Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität Vienna).


  • Tourism: Logistics and Transportation, Customer Services, Trainings and conceptions
  • Care and Health Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions processes (e.g. by a national partner, by an international competitor etc.)
  • Organisational Structuring
  • Pedagogics: Ages 6 to 12


Mentor of the program Mentoring für MigrantInnen (