Coaching is a tool to help leaders and managers to reach set targets. By structured cooperative counseling, approaches and necessary proceedings are identified and their implementation processes planned. Together with leaders, managers and management teams, solutions are developed step by step and their implementation planned.


As a manager, feeling comfortable with new tasks or changes is particularly important. I support you in achieving your goals. The measurement of the results achieved is here essential, too!
Special interventions help to fully exploit potential. In this way, you and your employees are satisfied with the results of your work.



Setup of a counseling process:

During an informative first meeting, we will talk about your project and your targets and set basic frames for our possible cooperation (place, frequency of appointments, participants in the process and a timeline).

After this first get together, I will prepare a written tailor-made offer containing the most important information (including costs for our cooperation). It contains general terms and conditions (payment dues, organization of appointments, cancelation policies, etc.).



All information shared during our work such as data, contents, organization or organizational details and participants will be dealt with professionally and shall under no circumstances get outside our process. This is of course to be maintained after our cooperative work. Please see to understand the code of ethics being applicable to our coorperation.

Should we get into topics and contents being outside of a strictly professional counseling setting and support in such is deemed necessary, I do cooperate with psychotherapists and mediators who could enrich our work.